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March 2015

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Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu
Land Claims Report for March 2015

1. Offer from Crown to fully and finally extinguish Ngāti Kahu’s claims
2. Māori Affairs Select Committee considering Te Hiku Claims Settlement Bill: hearing 2 March
3. Progress with Deed of Partial Settlement
4. Ngāti Kahu Trust Board Litigation Against Ngāti Kahu Mortgage Services
5. Te Ana o Taite and Carrington Jade – planned visit to Shanghai

A final decision on the Crown’s offer continues to await the response of two marae.

We attended the Māori Affairs Select Committee hearing on Te Hiku Claims Settlement Bill on 2 March in Kaitāia.

Work on finalizing our Deed of Partial Settlement is on-going.

The Ngāti Kahu Trust Board has asked to meet to discuss the conditions we sent to them.

Shanghai CRED’s invitation for eight people to visit Shanghai has been accepted.

2. Māori Affairs Select Committee considering Te Hiku Claims Settlement Bill: hearing
As agreed at our last Rūnanga hui as many as were able (about twenty Ngāti Kahu whānau and hapū representatives) attended this hearing. In the 15 minutes we were allowed I presented the statement we discussed at our hui asking that the bill be withdrawn and was followed by Wīkātana Pōpata speaking as rangatahi. We both asked that whanaungatanga and repairing the damage that has been done by these settlements be sorted before the bill becomes law. While the committee seemed genuinely concerned, I doubt that they will do anything.

We were one of 17 scheduled speakers. It turned out that six were from Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa with very similar submissions supporting the bill. Four other speakers opposed Te Rarawa’s settlement on behalf of their hapū. Waimanoni marae was another speaker and they were accompanied by three of the four other Ngāi Takoto marae. They opposed Ngāi Takoto’s settlement. Another Ngāi Takoto speaker opposed it as well. Te Rūnanga o Te Aupōuri supported the bill. Reece Burgoyne and Hoana Karekare appeared for Ngāti Kurī.

The Far North District council supported the bill with the mayor telling a number of lies about speaking with iwi. He used the hearing quite shamefully to push for Māori to pay him rates. He was not well received. The Northland Regional Council also supported the bill but wanted to make sure that iwi did not have any more say on the management of Te Oneroa-ā-Tōhē. They were also not well received.

3. Progress with Publication of the Deed of Partial Settlement
I have almost finished the final editing of our Deed of Partial Settlement. I’ll be sending it off to the publishers as soon as it’s done.

The book is looking much more like a story of Ngāti Kahu especially with the very impressive hapū kōrero taking up almost half the book. So I’m thinking of changing the title to Ngāti Kahu: Portrait of a Nation: Traditions, History and Tiriti o Waitangi Claims: Kia Pūmau Tonu te Mana Motuhake o Ngā Hapū o Ngāti Kahu.

4. Ngāti Kahu Trust Board v Ngāti Kahu Mortgage Services Ltd – amended proposal
The Ngāti Kahu Trust Board has indicated that while it is prepared to accept most of our conditions concerning the interim trustees (see last month’s report) they are not happy about the interim trustees being from mana whenua hapū. They have asked for a hui to discuss the matter. We have asked them to attend our hui on either 28 March or 25 April to discuss the matter.

5. Te Ana o Taite and Carrington Jade – planned visit to Shanghai
At the ceremony on 7 February to mark the occasion of the signing of the out of court settlement and cooperation agreement with Carrington Jade, the head of Shanghai CRED, Mr Gui, extended an urgent invitation for eight Ngāti Kahu people to visit their operation in Shanghai as agreed in the cooperation agreement.

Our last Rūnanga meeting selected the eight people and provided a back-up list in case any couldn’t come. Those who have confirmed they can go are Margaret Mutu, Reremoana Renata, Ann Batistich, Nina Raharuhi, Te Rina Pōpata, Anahera Herbert-Graves, Te Ikanui Kingi-Waiaua and Hōhepa Rāmeka. Those who did not make it onto the list for this year’s trip can go next year. Two others who will pay their own way will accompany the group. The trip is scheduled for the week of May 11. Organisation for it is now well under way with Shanghai CRED looking after the travel and accommodation arrangements.

Professor Margaret Mutu
20 March 2015