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Submitted by admin2 on Sat, 01/01/2022 - 4:47pm

Everyone evacuated from Kaimaumau has been able to go home this evening and we are really grateful to everyone in the community for responding so quickly and calmly today while our crews, helicopter pilots and machinery operators tackled the breakout and widened the firebreaks.

Crews will monitor the fire overnight and iwi will be patrolling in Kaimaumau. Four helicopters with six bulldozers and excavators will be supporting the fire crews again tomorrow.

Our Incident Controller John Sutton is reminding everyone to stay off the beach between Kaimaumau and Houhora for the next few days, and keep well away from the fireground.

The photo was taken this morning and shows the active fire before it crossed the firebreak. Thanks Reina Tai for the photo.

This will be the last update on the Waiharara fire tonight.