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Submitted by admin2 on Thu, 12/11/2020 - 4:18pm

Mo nga uri o KAHUTIANUI raua ko Te Parata.


Dr Giles Chanwai (Te Rorohuri Te Whānau Moana) is an Emergency Medical Specialist at Waikato hospital. He is working with the Health Portfolio of Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu to survey our iwi members about their Emergency Department (ED) needs.

Information from Dr Chanwai is a virtual telehealth service that brings an experienced ED Doctor to the patient via telemedicine, rather than the patient travelling to an urgent or emergency clinic. The patient is seen by the 'Boss' of ED. They will bypass the triage process, there will be no wait queues, no need to expose well patients to sick patients in the waiting room and we are able to efficiently 'see, treat and discharge or refer' them. We can also provide electronic scripts, ACC, medical certificates and electronic discharge letters. We are a 24/7 service.

What makes us different from other telehealth services is that we bring the boss of the Emergency Department – i.e. the most expert, experienced doctor who deals with acute medical care to the patient: in their own home, at work, in rural settings or far from medical help. Coughs, colds, medical advice for urgent illnesses, snotty nosed kids, simple injuries, rashes, allergies etc; we help patients navigate the complex health system, which can be frightening.

We do not replace the patient's GP nor 111 in a critical life-threatening emergency. So, a typical example we've had is a patient who had a skin infection and lived in a rural remote area with no GP available; they called and I electronically prescribed antibiotics to their nearest chemist. The patient then just picked up the medications when they got to the chemist.

Another example was a patient on holiday in Northland who connected with us because they forgot their medications and there were no doctors open. We electronically prescribed to the local chemist and the patient picked the pills up later.

I am now doing a survey of all registered Ngati Kahu members with the aims being to:
1) make sure there is internet connection to Cape Karikari and around Northland;
2) gauge whether people would use our service and what the interest would be; and
3) understand the reasons they may use us.

If the survey shows that there is a need for our service, then we will do a 6 week FREE trial to see if members actually register and use our service.

To complete the survey, please click on the link below. We want as many people to respond as possible to get good data.