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2.4.1 Policy
Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu, and by delegation the Ngati Kahu Corporate, will act ethically in all areas of its responsibilities and authority. In so doing it binds its staff and constituency to the same principles and practices.

2.4.2 Protocol
The Rūnanga members shall:
a) act honestly and in good faith at all times in the interests of the Rūnanga and its constituents ensuring that everyone is treated fairly according to their rights;
b) treat each other with good faith and respect;
c) carry out their duties in a lawful manner;
d) avoid conflicts of interest, and where such a conflict arises, act within the terms of the Rūnanga’s Conflict of Interest Policy;
e) be diligent, attend Rūnanga meetings and devote sufficient time to preparation to allow for full and appropriate participation in Rūnanga decision making.
f) observe the confidentiality of non-public information acquired by them in their roles and not disclose to any other person such information that might be harmful to the Rūnanga or the named individuals; disclosure of Rūnanga business to anyone outside the Rūnanga must be the decision of the Rūnanga or, between meetings, at the discretion of the Chair; and
g) act in accordance with its fiduciary duties complying with the spirit as well as the letter of the law, recognising both the legal and moral duties of the role.
h) meet regularly to monitor the performance of management and the Rūnanga as a whole;
i) ensure that appropriate monitoring and reporting systems are in place and that these are maintained and utilised to provide accurate and timely information to the Rūnanga;
j) ensure that there is an appropriate separation of duties and responsibilities between itself and the CEO and that no one has unfettered power of decision making;
k) ensure that the individual views of Rūnanga members are given due consideration and weight;
l) ensure that any funder is provided with an accurate and balanced view of the Rūnanga’s performance including both financial and service performance;
m) ensure the presentation of an Annual Report and set of either Independently Reviewed or Audited Financial Statements;
n) regularly review their collective and individual performance as the basis of their own development and quality assurance, and if found lacking, should either pursue training or assistance to improve their performance, or resign;
o) ensure fair and full participation of all Rūnanga members;
p) ensure that the Rūnanga’s assets are protected via a suitable risk management strategy;
q) be loyal to the Rūnanga, abiding by the Rūnanga decision once reached and refrain from commenting publicly on the decision/s made;
r) not expose fellow Rūnanga members to undue pressure from outside agencies or entities, including not giving out their personal contact details either individually or collectively; and
s) not do anything that in any way denigrates the Rūnanga or brings it into disrepute.

2.4.3 Breach of Code:
Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in the Rūnanga requesting that a member be removed from office.